ToeJam & Earl to Make an Indie Return, Needs Your Help [Video]
In the early '90's, a very strange video game by the name of Toejam & Earl came out for Sega Genesis. You played as either ToeJam or Earl, or played 2 player Co-op and played as ToeJam & Earl. Through it's crazy exterior, it is one of the funnest games of all time!
The first game garnered 2 s…
‘Kung Fury’ Looks Like The Best Movie Ever! [Video]
Trolling around on the internet can either get you into trouble, or land right smack in the middle of the best stuff you've ever seen!
Luckily, this morning's surf-session landed me in the awesomeness of KUNG FURY!
It's a project that was up for funding on Kickstarter, and had a goal o…
New Pickup for Guitarists Lets You Play Bass at the Same Time
Sometimes you don't have a bass player.  It happens a lot.  Sometimes you perform alone, and want the guitar to sound bigger, and more full.
Here's a really cool Kickstarter campaign going on right now.  This guy works for Steve Vai, and has come up with a pretty cool invention.  It's called A Little…
Quite Possibly the BEST Movie Trailer of All Time [Video]
Campy '80s movies are some of the best things ever. I love watching the mind blowing special effects and gruesome scenes that you would only see in graphic horror films today.
Remember the shooting scene in "Robocop"? That was brutal!
There is a movie trying to continue production right now…