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Jackie’s Former Intern Blogs Take 3
I love finding these old blogs I wrote way back when for "Free Beer and Hot Wings," when I interned for them in 2009!
It feels so long ago. Check out this piece of beauty that I wrote titled "JMV's Friday Top 5"
Jackie’s Former Intern Blogs Take 2
I can remember the summer I interned for "The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show."
Gregg "Free Beer" mentioned the idea of interns blogging, and he was going to experiment with me and let me try it. I blogged for them once a week for maybe two months.
This blog I am about to sh…
Jackie’s Intern-View From Free Beer and Hot Wings
There was a time, not so long ago that I wasn't just "Jackie" I was Jackie Man Voice, or JMV... I interned for Free Beer And Hot Wings back in 2009, for about 1 year before I was asked to step up and take over weekends on GRD. Interning for the guys is an experience that is …