There was a time, not so long ago that I wasn't just "Jackie" I was Jackie Man Voice, or JMV... I interned for Free Beer And Hot Wings back in 2009, for about 1 year before I was asked to step up and take over weekends on GRD. Interning for the guys is an experience that is for sure, and I stumbled upon this the other day that sums up that experience.

Internviews, not interviews, internviews. These are basically the most awful thing you could do to a person. The guys would lock me in the production studio with the microphone on and recording, dial out to whoever I was interviewing and walk out not telling me who the hell I was talking to or what they thought the interview was about.

I had to do this a few times but the most well known was when I interviewed the "Don't Tase Me Bro Kid" Do we all remember that youtube video? In case you have forgotten here it is.

Anyway now the real fun part, the clip of my internview- along with the morning guys ripping me apart. Oh the days of being a man voice...

Click Here To Listen To FBHW Best Of- JMV's Internview-