I can remember the summer I interned for "The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show."

Gregg "Free Beer" mentioned the idea of interns blogging, and he was going to experiment with me and let me try it. I blogged for them once a week for maybe two months.

This blog I am about to share is great. I specifically remember it because the guys had a segment on the show where they talked about the worst jobs they have ever had. So, I decided to blog my worst jobs I had ever had ... and interning for them wasn't on the list.

You ever have that friend in college, high school, or where ever that is ALWAYS broke, as in NEVER has money. And if you want them to be able to join you, you're stuck paying for their ass.

Yeah, that's usually me. I am always broke and I have had a plethora of jobs.

So, here are my top three WORST jobs I have ever had:

  • El Dorado Cafe/Country Maid Bakery & Cafe. OK, this lovely little cafe was also a bakery. So, not only did I have to get up at 5:30 to get there in time, but we sold these specialty doughnuts called "wedgies" which contained a special "wedgie cream." People would FREAK over these things! They were triangle shaped doughnuts with cream filling. THAT'S IT!!!! We would run out and people would yell at me about it! We had the same damn doughnut called a cream dream, the only difference was it was a circle, and the cream was in the middle not inside the doughnut... and people would actually get mad, and say things like "If I wanted a cream dream, I'd ask for a cream dream. I want a wedgie." Well, if any of you delightful customers stumble across this Ill tell you what, you come over to my place and Ill give you the BIGGEST wedgie you've ever had ;) Ha ha!
  • Coronet, The Hair, Body, and Tanning Salon. This was a hair salon and tanning salon. At first, it was really cool because I was only in high school and she worked around my schedule, and she let me tan for free year-round so when prom would come around I could tan for free. So, yeah, at first it was great. It was a really little place and it only had four tanning beds. So, it was actually a house, and each bedroom held a tanning bed, it was by far the cheapest place in town to tan it was like $1.50 a visit or something just ridiculous. But it was a little out-of-town, so the only people that came were little old ladies and their equally old husbands. They would come in and tan for as long as they could (20 minutes) and then leave. Well, , it not only would smell awful, but it would be covered in sweat like the ladies had taken a bath and dumped the dirty bath water in the tanning bed. If that wasn't bad enough, one time a guy took a shit in the tanning bed and we had to clean it up! He walked right by the reception desk where I sat and said bye with a grin on his face. When I went in there, there was a big piece of shit on the bed! The only thing that made the job worse was the fact that the owner had a long-haired chihuahua that would bite me and yip at me all the time and whenever it shit or barfed, I had to clean it up. I only made $5.50 an hour.
  • Maintenance for The Rapids apartment complex. This actually has a shorter story than the other ones, but it was equally as awful. I was a maintenance employee for an apartment complex called The Rapids. I had to turn over college apartments so when all the students moved out I went in with maybe one other person and had to clean them out. Well, college boys are honestly DISGUSTING, and I would have to clean their bathrooms and kitchens and they were awful. I would get physically ill from the stench that would come from some of these apartments. Some people I don't think have ever even attempted to clean their bathroom, and I would have to get on my hands and knees and scrub them with a mask on my face. So, the smell would take me from Intern Jackie Man Voice to Intern Jackie DJ Yak Back!

And here is an awesome bonus, a pic of me at 18 holding up a paycheck from job No. 2 on this beautiful list!