I love finding these old blogs I wrote way back when for "Free Beer and Hot Wings," when I interned for them in 2009!

It feels so long ago. Check out this piece of beauty that I wrote titled "JMV's Friday Top 5"

OK, so this week's Friday Top 5, was chosen by our very own Producer Joe.

He chose the topic "Top 5 Things that you have done that make you either a nerd, redneck, or a gay."

So, here is my list. I almost can't decide which is worse, my most embarrassing moments, or this week's top five, but here they are! These aren't really in any order because I feel its hard to decide which is the nerdiest. But I believe everyone would agree these are nerdy:

  • Last summer when the fourth book in the "Twilight" series came out ("Breaking Dawn"), I made my roommate ride with my to the closest town with a Barnes & Noble so I could get it at midnight the day it came out. Now, that's pretty nerdy. But the clincher is that when we got there it was closed. I had gone a day too early.
  • I've been known on days when there's nothing to do to sit at my house and watch full seasons of the following television shows on DVD: "Roswell," "The 4400," "Stargate SG1" and "Smallville."
  • I like RPGs (role-playing games) online. I have particpated in everything from your typical -- Guild Wars and Elder Scrolls -- to intern chatroom RPGs based on television shows like "Buffy The Vampire Slayer."
  • Here's kind of a redneck thing I've done and still do. There's so little to do in the small town I go to college in (Big Rapids) that my friends and I on multiple occasions have gone tubing down the river at midnight and had to walk back to our apartments barefoot for about a mile. And cars (including cops) have driven by and thought nothing of it.
  • I not only do I still listen to Hanson, but I spent a couple days bidding back and forth on eBay for an autographed CD (which I won).

There you have it! This week's Friday Top 5!

Keep listening! -- Jackie man voice!

It's weird the things you can remember when you really think back. I'm including this picture because it was taken at a '90s theme party the same day I had written that blog. I don't know why on earth I remember that, but I KNOW it was that day.

This is my husband and I.