Jackie Cosplays- Harley Quinn: Arkham Asylum
I am so excited about this cosplay. Harley Quinn is my favorite comic villian. For one thing her story is wicked cool and there should be a movie role for her... come one the lady was working the psych ward, falls in love with a patient we know as the joker and runs away and becomes a crazy little s…
Harley Quinn Revisited: Preview Of Jackie’s Latest Cosplay
Oh I love me some Batman my friends. The characters in the game, Batman: Arkham Asylum wicked awesome. I love the Harley Quinn look so I decided lets give Harley another go and recreate this naughty/evil nurse from the epic video game! My sister is the fab photographer behind this shoot.
Top 5 Batman Inspired Cosplays
I recently teamed up with a costume designer out of Las Vegas named, Viva Wonder Woman. This sexy lady is super cool and has helped me come up with a new Harley Quinn costume based off the Harley you see in Batman: Arkham Asylum, the video game! I'll be shooting this one with my fabulous sister, DM …
Jackie Cosplays- Wonder Woman
This was a mega fun cosplay shoot! I got to emulate one bad ass woman super hero... WONDER WOMAN! I have been so excited to shoot this cosplay, and the coolest part? My sister was the one who photographed it! Yeah my little sister Danielle has a photography business, DM Photography.
Jackie Cosplays- Modern Wonder Woman
Alright You may have seen my post yesterday of my Wonder Woman Cosplay. My talented sister shot them for me! Well we decided to change up the costume and shoot some more! This one I call The Modern Rockstar Wonder Woman! Check these ones out!
Lady vs. Trish – Cosplay Clash
In an upset, Lady stopped Catherine's winning streak and has taken her place as the one to beat in the Clash. The sparks will fly right off the bat as Trish, another Devil May Cry girl, steps up to the challenge.
Jackie’s Top 5 Emma Frost Cosplay’s
I am cosplay crazy here! Mainly because I am so excited for this new one I am making... it is bad ass people! I love X-Men so it makes it even better I'll feel like I AM an X-Men! Before I share my costume I have created, I wanted to share with you my top 5 favorite cosplay's of Emma Frost…
Jackie’s Next Cosplay Is…
Something many of you do not know about me, is that I am an X-Men freak! The movies that is. I have followed it growing up obviously with the cartoons, and I even have read a few of the comics in my time. I have always liked X-Men. Example- when the second movie came out it was around my 17th bi…
Jackie’s Cosplay History
I am putting together my latest cosplay right now, and I am very proud of it (but that will have to be part of a different post, stay tuned.) I wanted to share what I call "A History Of Cosplay" Oh yeah... I know your intrigued ;) I have been many a character here people, little red, qu…
Cosplay Or Running Wear With Jackie
I am a crazy cosplayer, AND a crazy runner! So I have this new top... which am I using it for cosplay or my next big race? Either one would be pretty sweet... I may just let you decide! Vote below if I should make this into a cosplay costume/photo shoot, or if I should wear this in the Gazelle Gi…
Jackie’s 5 Favorite Assasins Creed Cosplay’s
I have been working hard on my next cosplay and decided to bring forth some Assassins Creed action! I'm very excited and I will unveil my master piece very soon! First I thought I would share my 5 favorite Assassins Creed cosplays done so far!

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