I have been working hard on my next cosplay and decided to bring forth some Assassins Creed action! I'm very excited and I will unveil my master piece very soon! First I thought I would share my 5 favorite Assassins Creed cosplays done so far!

1. Lady Assassin

I like this mainly because of the hood! I'm a fan of a cool cloak/hood and this fine woman did a great job on hers!


2. Badass Bitch

This girl looks like she's ready to kick some ass! If my cosplay is near as awesome as this than I will be in cosplay heaven!


3. Hardcore Assassin

WOA! This girl went above and beyond... it's pretty much a replica of the game! I can't imagine the time she spent to make this but it's freaking sweet. I cant live up to this one but I shall try!


4. Leather Bound Creed

This one looks like it may have cost a pretty penny to make. Purely because the leather appears to be real! I'm digging this feel to this! lots of nice touches!


5. A Dash Of Purple

Yeah... there's purple in her outfit... see. Jessica Nigri is a pretty well known cosplayer, and she strikes again with some awesome Assassins Creed work!

I should have my cosplay all done this week, so stay tuned for some Assassin Jackie! Until then you can hang out in Jackie Land and read up on other cosplay magic!