I recently teamed up with a costume designer out of Las Vegas named, Viva Wonder Woman. This sexy lady is super cool and has helped me come up with a new Harley Quinn costume based off the Harley you see in Batman: Arkham Asylum, the video game! I'll be shooting this one with my fabulous sister, DM Photography next week! Until then here are the top 5 coolest, hottest, bestest(?) Batman inspired cosplays!

LOVE THIS- It's an Arkham Asylum Poison Ivy!
Here's a sexy Robin! Well Done!
seen via Sweet Comics
I LOVE THIS GIRL, Nicole Marie Jean. She's an amazing cosplayer and clearly super hot in her Lady Bane costume!
Every batman needs a cat woman!
Of course I had to add Harley Quinn! This is straight out of Arkham Asylum!