I am cosplay crazy here! Mainly because I am so excited for this new one I am making... it is bad ass people! I love X-Men so it makes it even better I'll feel like I AM an X-Men! Before I share my costume I have created, I wanted to share with you my top 5 favorite cosplay's of Emma Frost thus far!

This one is AMAZING, Dark Phoenix with Emma Frost... Scott Summer's lovers! hehe


Let's be real, mine will not be this good, this is incredible! What a fantastic Emma Frost look a like!


This girl is just super pretty, haha! Cool take on Emma Frost!


THIS ONE IS AWESOME, check out how perfect that costume is? Jeeze Louise! haha


This one is the best of the best.... quality work here! Now my costume is not near as good, but I'll still have fun rocking it!

These are my personal favorites, but there are so many more! My cosplay wont be near as good as some of these, but either way I'll have a good time putting this one together! ;)