Ok guys, if you got a small pecker, this is something you might want to think about. I was talking to these chicks a couple nights ago at this bar I like to hang out at. And somehow the topic of penis size came up. I told the girls mine is super small so if we end up sleeping together later that night not to expect much.

Then the chicks told me about something new Calvin Klein has come out with. A new line of jeans that make your penis look bigger! The jeans are called "Body, by Calvin Klein", and according to these chicks I was talking to (they work at the mall, by the way) the jeans have "a reinforced fly for enhanced profile", which basically means the crotch area is padded to make it look like you've got a giant package! The girls said big penis jeans cost about $80.00.

Not sure where to get them, but I could sure use a pair. I don’t know, the Calvin Klein website I’m guessing?