Nothing More is a great band from Texas (my home state), and they came through town on Monday as one of the openers for the Chevelle show at The Orbit Room.  They also stopped by the station to meet some winners and play a couple songs for us in their special "acoustic" format.

These guys do their acoustic thing a bit different from most.  Johnny, the singer, has a cool setup using Ableton Live that triggers all the effects for all the instruments, so they can get cool sounds as they play the song.  It really lends an extra cool vibe to the songs when you hear them.

Check out "I'll Be Okay", which has more of a straightforward acoustic feel, but still with some effects to make it that much better.

And here's "This is the Time (Ballast)", their first single, that really uses the system and effects in a more up front way.  Freakin' awesome, really.

And, just because it's freaking bad ass, here's part of their bass solo from the show with Chevelle.  Not just a dude playing an E...really, check it out!