Nothing More is a great band from Texas, and right now they're on tour with Chevelle and Middle Class Rut.  

The guys stopped by the 'GRD studios Monday before their show at The Orbit Room to play for a few WGRD Freeloaders Club winners and the staff, and then joined Jackie on the air to talk about the show.

Their "acoustic" setup is a bit different from most, as they run everything through a computer using Ableton Live to run effects and patch changes. They play the songs live, but the computer controls the sounds.  It's pretty bad ass, actually, and the audio I recorded is fantastic!

Check out the video of the band here at the station, playing their new single, "This is the Time (Ballast)," and then see their final song of the concert with Chevelle, performing the song "Salem".  

Don't miss the middle portion with the crazy drum section!

If you haven't seen Nothing More, get yourself out to see them the next chance you get.  You won't be disappointed!