Before I was on-air on 97.9 WGRD FM, I started my on-air career as a DJ on student radio. I really could do whatever I wanted and play whatever I wanted. However, I knew that when I hit the real world, I would go with FCC rules, so I stuck with censored versions of songs. My time at Eagle Radio was pretty awesome though.

I was on Eagle Radio at Eastern Michigan University, with a show named 'Rock Block with Ned.' I played all sorts of anything that was rock, classic rock, heavy metal, hair metal, death show was awesome!

I had top 5's, community events, school stuff, why stuff sucks, etc. I tried to make my show sound extremely professional as much as I could, without the backing of a Program Director to tell me how well I was doing.

This picture I took in the Halle Library studios, wearing a WGRD shirt ironically.