I have always been a fan of this band, especially the stage show and how 'kinda' close I have actually been to this band. I dig the sound, the band members, and the attitude that they bring to the metal world.When it comes to mainstream metal, they are top notch. Love them or not, these guys have what it takes.

Five Finger Death Punch is no stranger the the WGRD airwaves, as they have had many "radio friendly" songs, and then they have the heavy stuff which isn't to friendly to air. That's what I like about them though, you get the best of both worlds with FFDP. Songs like "White Knuckles" will make you want to punch a dude in the face, and then "Remember Everything" will get your lighters in the air.

Drummer Jeremy Spencer even took home the Revolver Golden God Award for BEST DRUMMER in 2012!

Now to get personal, these guys are just overall cool dudes. Meet these guys and they will make you feel like family. When I went to do some stage work for the Trespass America Festival last year, Ivan remembered me from a show or two ago, we hung out, talked music, and he invited me out to the bar. Same could go for bassist Chris Kael and drummer Jeremy Spencer when I interviewed them. Something about these guys are just awesome, and I would do shots with them any day (as I am sure you would too). They were the first ever band I ever interviewed too, so they hold a small place in my heart for me.

Songs To Check: Under and Over It, White Knuckles, The Bleeding, Hard To See

Albums: The Way of the Fist, War is the Answer, American Capatalist