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Metal Moment: Behemoth
Time for a long overdue METAL MOMENT! Been awhile since I have done one of these. This is a band I discovered not to long ago, and if you are a HARCORE metal head, than this a band that should not be missed. After hearing some of their tunes, this is music that you might have some trouble finding he…
Metal Moment: Five Finger Death Punch
I have always been a fan of this band, especially the stage show and how 'kinda' close I have actually been to this band. I dig the sound, the band members, and the attitude that they bring to the metal world.When it comes to mainstream metal, they are top notch. Love them or not, these gu…
Metal Moment: HellYeah
Imagine if you were to put Superman, Batman, Wolverine, Beast, and Nemesis all together. You would get a pretty bad ass team of insanity known as a 'Supergroup!' Now let's do this...take members from Pantera, Damageplan, Mudvayne, and Nothing Face and throw them all together....what d…
Metal Moment: Amaranthe
There is a very big chance you have never heard of this band. Most metal bands you have heard are GWAR, Five Finger Death Punch, Slayer, Pantera, and tons more. If you however go through the world of the internet and search the deep world known as YouTube, you will find some really good metal...henc…
Metal Moment: Lamb Of God
Lot's of crap has been surrounding this group a lot lately. Recently, lead vocalist Randy Blythe was accused of murder by pushing a crazed fan off stage and was arrested and placed in a Czech prison. Metal artist all around are out to support Randy on his innocence! So I think it's a good …
Metal Moment: Drowning Pool
After a long hiatus of no Metal Moments, I think right now is the best time to bring back the weekly Metal Moment. Let's kick off this one with a band that's been though the roller coaster of metal, Drowning Pool
Metal Moment: Anthrax
Anthrax is on their way to Orbit Room October 14th, it is only the best that Anthax takes this weeks METAL MOMENT on WGRD!
Metal Moment: Ventana
I recently checked out Carnival of Chaos in Lake Odessa, MI this past weekend. TONS of acts, including Kittie, Dope, Mushroomhead, etc. But there was one band that just blew me away...and that is why this weeks Metal Moment goes to:
Metal Moment: Pantera
Yes....this weeks Metal Moment goes to effin' Pantera
Pantera is the metal band that birthed one of the greatest guitarist to ever grace the stage, Dimebag Darrell.
Metal Moment: Rob Zombie
This weeks Metal Moment goes to: Rob Zombie
This man I feel needs no introduction, he is really that bad ass. Starting off in his original band White Zombie, Rob Zombie decided to go solo and bring a monster show around the world.
Metal Moment: Dope
This weeks Metal Moment goes to: Dope
Full of hate for the government and hard drivin' riffs, Dope is just one of those bands that is really hard to hate.

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