Our world is a weird one. There are stories of people doing the most bizarre and insane things you could ever imagine. Some of these stories have weird happy endings and some of them don't. We aren't sure how to feel about this one.

A man in England felt mother nature's tickle and decided to drop trow and introduce some public grass to his digested meals. Police happened upon him during his private time and weren't impressed. But they should have been. For it was no ordinary bowel movement. No, no, no! The story states that the man relieved himself on a poor, unsuspecting and very deceased hedgehog.

The man must have had true and dark malice for the hedgehog race. Maybe he could never beat Sega Genesis' 'Sonic The Hedgehog' franchise of games. Maybe he's a die hard fan of the porcupine and decided this second rate spined mammal didn't deserve respect in the afterlife. Whatever Victor Ford's reason behind this heinous act of poopery, he did it -- and there was a price to pay. Almost $300 in court fines were levied against the man.

No word on whether or not the family of the dead hedgehog will receive restitution.