I posed the question that no one else was willing to pose, "What won't monkeys f___?" The answer to this question is, almost nothing, those primates are willing to stick their d___ in almost anything.

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    Other Monkeys

    First and foremost, monkeys have sex with other monkeys (along with a whole range of other things). Sometimes both parties are willing, other times it's a one sided deal. Either way their is always one certainty: that monkey is getting some loving.

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    Goat Sex

    Baaaaaaaaaad Monkey! Baaaaaaaaaad Monkey! Apparently lonely men from the swamps of Alabama and monkeys have something in common... That commonality being the fact that a warm goat is a fine substitute for a wife.

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    K-9 Lovin'

    Move over Michael Vick! The newest form of dog cruelty comes from the animal kingdom. This monkey apparently loves to take trips to the "dog pound" - Pun very much intended... ewwwwww!

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    Pussycat Sex

    The jokes for this one, pretty much write themselves... "That monkey sure loves the 'kitty'", "Man o man, once you get a hold of some good p____, don't ever let that go!", oh and the most famous monkey/cat joke of all time"HOLY HELL THAT MONKEY IS EFFING THAT CAT!"

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    Rib-bit Rape

    Finally it seems as though a monkey has a plan C... When all else fails, grab a frog and go to town on it! If you end up with warts, oh well.