Did you ever do anything stupid as a kid?  Hell yes you did! You were a little snot nose booger shooting jack ass when you were a kid!  So was I. We all were!   Did an adult over shoot you in the stomach with a freaking cross bow when you were doing something stupid as a kid?   Yea, probably not….But that is exactly what happened to a little kid in San Diego earlier this week,  and I’ll tell you exactly how it happened after the jump.

The San Diego Kid's name and age were not released, but I’m guessing the kid was about 10.   He and one of his little butt buddy booger buddies were hiding on the side of the road & throwing rocks at passing cars. I guess one of the drivers of the cars got so pissed off when his SUV was hit by a rock-- that he circled back, leaned out  the window of his SUV… and unleashed his vengeance with a freaking loaded cross bow!   The man shot one of the rock throwing kids right in the gut with it!

Aren’t those things deadly as hell?  Don’t people shoot and kill bears with those things?   Kid was rushed to a San Diego hospital were docs dug the arrow out of his belly and stitched him up. I guess the kids gonna be fine now. All the cops know about the person that shot the kid was that the guy was driving a black Toyota RAV 4, and that’s it….cops have no leads and no arrests have been made.

So you remember that if you’re a little snot nose booger drippin little crap bag kid!   You throw rocks at cars, somebody might try and kill ya with a cross bow!   And although I’ve never been shot in the gut with a cross bow, I’m guessing that would be something quite unpleasant,  and definitely something you would not want to happen to you!