Nothing is a bigger turn off than when a woman (no matter her size) orders some kind of stupid side salad at dinner time. It's sexy when a woman makes a 12 inch sub her bitch or completely dominates a large pizza. So, by that standard we may have found the sexiest woman on the planet. Her name is Sonya Thomas and she hails from Virginia.

She ousted veteran face stuffer extraordinaire Joey (Jaws) Chesnut who took second place at the 10th annual National Buffalo Wings Festival -- downing a mere 174 wings. Ms. Thomas is a 100-pound eating warlord. She has many championships, but this one by far is the sexiest. There's just something' smokin' hot about a woman whose face is covered in hot sauce and chicken meat. Seriously, if you can find a girl who can take chicken wings to the gullet like Thomas--she is definitely one to bring home to mom.

We're getting confused just thinking about it. It's hard to decide if we're hungry, horny... or both. Nope, it's both!