A couple of dudes I was killing beers with over the weekend shared this one with me, I had to share it with you too! Picture this man, you get home from work, your tired, hungry, but don't feel like cooking a big dinner, so you walk over to the pantry and grab a can of spaghetti.

Then you pull out the can opener, open the lid, and grab a bowl. You figure hell, you'll just heat up some spaghetti in the microwave for dinner, and then you dump the spaghetti into a bowl, only its not spaghetti that comes pouring out of the can, its a dead rat! A dead rat covered in spaghetti sauce! Yuk!

A big hairy dead rat with a tail and eyeballs, and ears and teeth and stuff! That’s what they told me happened to a chick they know who lives in Ohio. Her name was Jennifer and she was making lunch for her daughter when she found the big slimy rat in her spaghetti can, s o she called the cans spaghetti company, who asked her to take a picture of the stinky dead slimy spaghetti rat and send it to them.

After she did, they sent a crew out to pick up the rat and examine it and try and figure out how it got in there in the first place. How gross is that? Company says they’re not sure what they’re going to do to make it up to her, but they might offer her free spaghetti for a year. Huh? Free spaghetti for a year?

I don't think I could ever eat canned spaghetti again if I found a rotten dead rat in a can of that stuff! Yuk! But, hey, who’s kinda hungry right now?