This is pretty funny man....recently surveyed a bunch of hiring managers about some of the stupid things people did or said while they were interviewing....and these are real....and some of them......your not gonna believe....

And could learn something here....if not, its just funny....
The  list of "the most unusual blunders" hiring managers have encountered while interviewing candidates.   (that means people they were interviewing did these things)

-Candidate wore a business suit with flip flops.

-Candidate asked the interviewer if she wanted to meet for a drink after.

-Candidate picked his nose and wiped it under the desk

-Candidate ate food in the employee break room after the interview.

-Candidate recited song lyrics.

-Candidate had to go immediately to get his dog that had gotten loose in the parking lot.

-Candidate smell like booze.

-Candidate smelled like the green stuff.

-Candidate used "Dungeons and Dragons" as an example of teamwork.

-Candidate showed off  new set of fake jugs.   (Nice...that chick should have got the job for sure)

And lastly....Candidate wet his pants.

Haha......funny, funny, funny.....guys, if your going to a job interview anytime soon....probably best not to do any of those things.....unless your chick of course...then definitely do the thing with your jugs!