Ok girls if you’re super horny and you just can’t wait, and you pull into a parking lot and whip out your lap top and start pleasuring your girl self to a porno movie and then a cop rolls up next to you and catches you mid stride, he could very well just smile, and enjoy the moment and let you off with a warning, unless of course you have a crack pipe on the seat next to you. If that happens, then he will most likely charge you with public masturbation and possession of crack cocaine!

A buddy of mine at the bar told me this story and I thought I would share it with you. It happened to a chick named Colleen Hamilton of Cincinnati last month. Yep, cop caught her sitting in her car crankin her chick monkey and taken pokes off a crack pipe. She was just in court and sentenced last week, and what do you think she was sentenced to? How much time do you think she got for monkey crankin and crack pipe smoking?

Judge gave her a $200 fine, 10 days in jail, and a 6 months suspended license. Judge also told her, if it wasn’t for the crack pipe, he would like to date her, because he thought was she did was hot and was wondering if she could do it again sometime (without the crack pipe) and he could watch! Remember that girls, lose the crack pipe before you crank your monkey in your car!