Sometimes hand-held gaming does not get enough love...hence why this weeks Games To Try Before You Die is a hand-held game. I have been playing this game quite a bit lately since you can download it onto you Nintendo 3DS. Even though there is only like 4 worlds, you will keep playing those 4 worlds for freakin' ever.

What: Super Mario Land was the first Mario title to come out for a hand-held game console. You play as Mario basically running through very strange worlds on the quest to save Princess Daisy (No, not Princess Peach...)

Why: Hand-held Mario....what more is there to say? It may be a short game, but the good thing about Mario games is that you can play them over and over again and have it still be a fresh game, which most games can't even come close to doing today. I think everyone should own this game because of it's time wasting abilities. Sitting in Doctor's waiting room? Break out some Mario Land and do it up!