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Trying to Save Blobette in Episode 13 of This Level Sucks [Video]
Finally starting to tackle some Game Boy games on This Level Sucks!
At first I was going to play another NES game, but I wanted to go outside of the home console for once and play a game that I was recently introduced too.
It's a game that give you nothing, and you get nothing in return.
Metalhead Ned’s Favorite Video Game Consoles of All Time [List]
I knew that the time would come where I would have to list my favorite video game consoles of all time.
I spend a lot of my time on writing about video games and heavy metal.
I will say that I spend more time writing about video games though, because I love them...
Nintendo’s Game Boy Turns 25 Years Old Today [Video]
Nothing makes you feel more nostalgic than that pea soupy screen., doing your best to angle it correctly in the light so you could see what you were doing. Playing Super Mario Land, Tetris and Pokemon until the wee hours in the morning. Finding four double A batteries and hope they lasted you for yo…
Kid’s Reacting to Game Boy Makes You Feel Old
These 'Kid's React To...' vid's are pretty awesome, but at some points, makes you want to flip off your screen for no particular reason. It kinda feels like these kids are picking on your little brother ya know? This is what I grew up with and I still love it, so seeing this kids…
Kids React to Original Game Boy [Video]
The creative folks at The Fine Bros. decided to see how kids in the year 2014 would react when they were introduced to the original Game Boy, the device that blazed a trail for handheld gaming. Their responses are... well, see for yourself.
The Good vs. Bad of Old School Handheld Gaming
When I was growing up, it was all about Game Boy. My first Game Boy that I owned was not the original pea soupy screen version, but the Game Boy Pocket. An improved version of the original Game Boy with a better screen and the use of only 2 AAA batteries! I played HOURS of Pokemon Yellow on this thi…
Games to Try Before You Die: Super Mario Land (Game Boy)
Sometimes hand-held gaming does not get enough love...hence why this weeks Games To Try Before You Die is a hand-held game. I have been playing this game quite a bit lately since you can download it onto you Nintendo 3DS. Even though there is only like 4 worlds, you will keep playing those 4 worlds …