This is it! The big one! The Glorious! The Amazing! The Godly! The game that everyone hold's to standard when they think of old school Super Mario Bros.! The game that could be considered on par with the epic-ness that is Terminator 2! The game that when people think of NES, they think this game! The game that could be considered the greatest Super Mario Bros. game of ALL TIME!

Super Mario Bros. 3!

What: Bowser is up to his old tricks again (as usual)! This time, he brought his Koopa cousins with him and they will do anything to stop Mario and/or Luigi from saving the Princess! Meanwhile, the Koopa Cousins have changed the king of each land into a creature! Defeat the Koopa Cousins, save the kings, and save the Princess!

Why: This game defined what Mario was to be for the rest of his life. In this game, we were introduced to a new level selection type named...the Overworld. If there was a level you wanted to skip, you could! As long as you had a 'Skip Cloud.'

All of the hidden items, the different types of worlds, the crazy bosses, the terrifying level 8, the power ups you could collect from Toad houses, and SO MUCH MORE! What was great about this game was what it took from Legend of Zelda and mixed it with the world of Mario. It gave the player a depth of exploration that you couldn't do in other Mario games. If you played Super Mario Bros. 2, this was a HUGE improvement over that game (however still fun...). Super Mario Bros. 3 was a game that just got it right! Hence why it sold so INSANELY well.

If you play New Super Mario Bros. on Wii, DS, WiiU, or whatever. Play Super Mario Bros. 3...then one of the new ones, and compare how similar they are. It's another grand case of, "Why fix, what ain't broke?"

If you can find a Player 2 for this game, it amplifies the game play by 100%. This game is best played with a friend.