I have play what seems like all of the Road Rash games. My favorite has always been Road Rash 2 on Sega Genesis (and in many ways, it still is). That classic soundtrack and the split-screen 2 player is awesome. However, I dug out my old Sega Saturn and grabbed a copy of Road Rash for it.

What: Road Rash is a motorcycle racing game where you battle to be in first and reach the finish. Steal billy clubs, chains, or just kick your opponents bikes and send them in to a major motorcycle accident. Battle to the front!

Why: I love the Sega Genesis version, but when I popped this beast into my Saturn...my Rashing days changed. This is an extremely solid version of Road Rash. Best Part? The redraw rate (basically being able to see what coming before it hits you). The graphics are extremely smooth, making it relatively easy to play. Plus you can't beat those classic FMV (Full motion video) scenes, they are just hilarious. One thing that caught me though is that rating, this game should have been rated "T" for Teens," but is rated "K-A" for Kids and Adults! I saw the word "Bitch" be used many times, and you run over people in the middle of the road! MAN! Times have changed!

Like I said, there is a ton of Road Rash games, this one though is pretty epic.