This past weekend, I had a Gaming Get-together. I invited friend over, they brought TV's, Game Consoles, etc, and we played video games till 3am. It was pretty fun cause we focused more on classic video games. Then a friend of mine broke out this competitive strategy game named Rampart, and I couldn't stop watching it.

What: It's this guy versus that guy! You take control of the Blue (or Red) castle. Build your walls and keep them closed so you can build cannons. The more cannons you have, the more effective your attack will be. The less cannons you have, the chances of you winning are pretty slim. Defeat the other player and conquer the world!

Why: It's a pretty simple game and you must be quick! Quick solving and accurate placement of your walls is key to winning this game. It is a game that you could get better in the more you play it, but my friend Bruce beats the hell out of me each time. Like I mentioned earlier in this, it's simple. I like the simplicity of it and it doesn't take you long to get the hang of it. It's a unique puzzle game that's still fun to this day.

One thing I did notice though is the censorship that Nintendo had, and what Sega had. When you win your battles, you can end your opponent by actually killing him in game. In the SNES version, your opponent walks the plank and can plead for his life, nothing to graphic.

In the Sega version though, your opponent is sent to the guillotine and his head is cut off! You don't see the beheading, but it's definitely a lot more graphic than SNES.