I love the Blue Bomber! Who doesn't honestly? He's freakin' MEGA MAN! I do love the old Mega Man games for NES, but Mega Man X was way better in my opinion. When you pop Mega Man X into your SNES, it's a roller coaster ride! The first one was amazing, the second one was just as good, so why stop there? Better make another one that is just as good! Good luck finding it though...

What: In Mega Man X3, you play as the usual Mega Man. Sigma is destroyed, but Doctor Doppler is working to bring Sigma back to life! Defeat the Robot Masters, defeat Doctor Doppler and prevent him from bringing Sigma back to life!

Why: The cool thing about Mega Man X3 is the beginning. All the Mega Man X games have some sort of intro level. As your rolling through the level, Mega Man eventually get's captured and taken away. At first, you are wondering..."ummm...what now?" Then out of nowhere, Zero (Mega Man's Co-worker) blasts through the ceiling and you are now in control of the super powerful Zero! MIND BLOWING! You have the laser sword and super power that Mega Man strives to have. With all of this new found power, you just start WRECKING! All good things must come to an end though as you have to save Mega Man and then you take control of the weaker side.

The control is great and the powers are really fun to obtain, but I will say...this game is REALLY DIFFICULT! More than the other ones. If you are not careful with your first choice of boss selection, the enemies in that level will easily take you down. It does give you challenge, but it can be difficult.

Lastly, I won't giveaway the final boss...but he is pretty much impossible. He is do damn strong and you need to be 100% accurate with your hits. While working at my old job (where we could play video games if we weren't busy), my friend Sam and I worked hard to get through this game, once we reached the end...we just couldn't do it.

Someday though...I will beat this game.