There have been so many Mario Kart games, it is hard to narrow down to the best one. Double Dash is good, the first is fun, Mario Kart 7 is the embodiment of all the good ones. When it comes down to it though, grabbing 3 friends and battling it out on one TV is still as fun as it was over 10 years ago.

What: Mario Kart 64 is the Nintendo 64's version of Super Mario Kart. Race the tracks and battle for first place! Grab awesome items to mess with your opponents like Banana Peels, Red Shells, and even the dreaded Leader Spike Shell! You could also battle with 3 friends, pop each others balloons, last one alive wins!

Why: Like I said, this is by far the best Mario Kart game out there. The tracks were great, the items were awesome, and the graphics were really smooth. What makes this game so awesome though is the multi-player. Just think back, when it came to Mario Kart for Super Nintendo, it was you and a friend. Now you could battle, team up, and just destroy each other in this game with 3 friends! Common today yes, but back then man, this was mind blowing! The N64 Controller was basically built for this game. You had SO MUCH CONTROL , it made it really easy to play and have fun. When new Mario Kart games come out, they take a page out of the success that is Mario Kart 64.