David Draiman is covering pretty much every METAL NEWS source recently, from his eating habits, getting married, and especially wondering if Disturbed will continue...(which I hope it does.) In the meantime, Draiman has been laying back and being a regular dude. This also includes giving the 'Heavy Metal Bed Wrestle' to his new wife to create the ULTIMATE METAL CHILD!!! Yea, Draiman is hoping to be a father.

During Dimebash 2012, David Draiman revealed that getting with his wife Lena Yada was a priority while on his hiatus from Disturbed.

Could you imagine what this kid will be like? Having David Draiman as a father? Let's see here....

David Draiman: Heavy metal vocalist with good eating habits that creates chaos when belting out the vocals to amazing songs while pyrotechnics go off creating massive pandemonium!

Lena Yada: A Japanese-American Model and Pro Wrestler....need I say more?

In the words of Beavis & Butt-Head....."Yea...he's gonna score."