In order to become famous, you really need to get started somewhere. There is NO SUCH THING as overnight success....most of the time. Pantera played in roller rinks, KISS played in c' gotta give love to the locals. So if you are lookin' for a good time with a drunk santa, a midget stripper, and metal that will create mosh pits that will destroy the Earth, then Carnival of Chaos is your paradise.

The Carnival of Chaos Nightmare Before X-Mas is hitting The Intersection once again for a night of METAL MAYHEM! If you haven't checked out this annual local metal fest, you really need too. The last time I was at Carnival of Chaos, I saw so many things that could be considered wrong and overly sexy, that is why it is such a damn good time! THE METAL SHALL BRING US TOGETHER!

So come on, Local Metal is sometimes the BEST METAL! Always support your local musicians and kick some ass in the pit!