The 2015 WGRD Heavyweights are in full stride at The Stache in Grand Rapids!

Local metal bands from across West Michigan are bringing their A-game to The Stache and playing for your vote! The votes will be tallied and each night a band will be chosen to move onto the finals!

Take a look at this contender from the second night, Blackgate!

Blackgate impressed the hell out of me! Not saying that the rest of the bands were bad or something, but these guys just oozed with talent. It was really refreshing to hear that old school thrash sound, and these guys had the hair for it too! If you haven't seen Blackgate, you are missing out.

If you watch the video, you'll notice a guitar went out, but these guys sallied forth and played a near perfect cover of "The Trooper" from Iron Maiden.

Check out this video of Blackgate performing live at The Stache!

The Heavyweights continue at The Stache on Feb. 6. Get your tickets here!