A jury in Newaygo County found a woman from White Cloud guilty of first-degree murder of her husband on Wednesday afternoon.

The Detroit Free Press says that 49-year-old Glenna Duram shot her husband, Marty Duram to death in 2015, which was believed to be witnessed by the man's pet parrot, named Bud.

The parrot was staying with Marty's ex-wife [after he was killed] when he began constantly mimicking Marty's voice and repeatedly saying:

Don't (bleeping) shoot!"

Obviously the parrot wasn't used in the trial since he was the only witness and there was no way of proving how the bird knew about shooting or what he was mimicking. But after deliberating for eight hours, the jury found Glenna Duram guilty of murder and felony firearm. She will be sentenced next month.

WOOD-TV spoke with Marty's ex-wife last June and also met Bud which you can watch below.

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