Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hour 1

The Daytona trip is coming up this weekend and everyone was reminiscing about when Joe had to craft his own barf bag. That, of course, led to the discussion of Club 3 and all the losers that party there. And how could we forget the SNAFU that was Hot Wings' Stock Car Math problem. We talked about the Trampoline fail video featured on our site and speculated on what the fate of the kid could be. Also we talked about an obese woman who got stuck trying to steal stuff. The flashback was our discussion on the Patron Saints.

Hour 2

Zane shared with us how he is scarred of how Steve drives. Apparently he can be distracted. Somehow, Zane then changed topics to talking about the show Life After People and it featured footage of a grocery store that the owners just left the way it was when they went out of business. It took a team of dudes in hazmat suits to clean it out. We had a somewhat update on Serene Branson but the website changed the video it wasn't much of one. The hour ended with 'Who is investigating someone right now?'

Hour 3 had a list of the 5 Ways High-tech Retailers are Screwing You and we discussed cabling, ink cartridges and stuff like optimization of computers/home electronics. Because of that list we went through some awesome hate mail that came in. Zane actually called one of the guys who emailed. Then, we listened to how the network screw-up sounded on WQLZ with Bishop.

Hour 4

TIME magazine had a report on the future of robots and A.I. There were '5 Incredible Predictions' and apparently Hot Wings is right on what could be a near future for SkyNet. We had more on robots, artificial intelligence, and we played a clip from Nova about growing human organs. We blast Billy Ray for being a loser and sucking d at being a parent. He says the TV show Hannah Montana has ruined the lives of his entire family and cries about everything.

Hour 5

John called in looking for advice on his relationship but it turns out he's an insecure a-hole. Frankie Muniz supposedly held a gun up to his head while in an argument with his girlfriend; he claims it didn't happen that way but he clearly has some problems. We interviewed Ken Jennings, the best human Jeopardy player, about how he is getting killed by Watson the super computer. He was a pretty normal dude for being so nerdy. The secret Coca-Cola recipe is revealed and we mock Ira Glass and his high octane hilarity. The segment falls apart in a hilarious way when Free Beer announces that the 'What I learned' segment is "starting now".