We know what you're thinking and no, "doorknob" is not some naughty euphemism we'd typically use...we really mean this woman took dog feces from her yard and rubbed it on her neighbor's front door. 

The poo-pertrator is Brenda Mullins and she was just so fed up with her neighbor's dogs crapping in her yard she did what any regular ol' person would do...picked it up and rubbed it on the door knob!

Had she said anything to her neighbor about the issue before? Nope, and guess what. She has zero shame about it and even goes on camera admitting to it!

"You didn't want to clean it up here, you're cleaning it up there," said Mullins. "I don't want to be a vigilante, but I had to do what I had to do."

And do what she had to doo-doo she done did! 

At least now all the neighbors know to keep their mutts of Mullins' lawn or they'll be getting a real crappy surprise when they go to use their door! 

Source: ABC 7