Kalamazoo is always making a name for itself outside of the city and even the state. Of course, we're known for the Pfizer vaccine, guitars, many different medical materials, star athletes, and so much more, but not everything we're known for is good. Kalamazoo travels in numbers, impressive numbers at that, but your reputation means a lot, carries a lot of weight and can have serious implications.

In the past few years, Kalamazoo has been all over the map, whether it's making noise down in Miami on Spring break, going viral on social media platforms for some crazy video, or even making the big screen like movies and TV.

This time, Kalamazoo is back in the headlines with another video, but this one might be the wildest one of them all.

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In a Facebook post that you can see below, a Kalamazoo woman's Facebook Live had resurfaced, but the reasoning for her live encounter wasn't a normal "let me talk to Facebook" but instead was an "AYE Facebook, look at this!" moment.

This Facebook live shook Kalamazoo to the core and is always shared around this time of year when it comes up in their memories. Nonetheless, this was a reminder to everyone, to always be attentive and aware of everything that is going on around them.

The Facebook live was about 15 mins long and consisted of a Kalamazoo woman who is known for beauty work filming a man inside of an apartment. Now, obviously, this doesn't seem like a big deal yet, but I'm sure your jaw will drop to the floor when you hear why she was recording him for all of Facebook to see.

This man was posing as a woman in order to get the woman to come over having known of her for her work in the beauty field. Well, this man decided to pose as a woman and order some make-up services, booking through her website, and acting as a client. He went as far as to use a woman's name and initially cover his face to avoid being detected.

Upon arrival, she felt like something was off and that's when she noticed that not only was he indeed a man,  but one that's been trying to get her attention for years, she flips. Rightfully so, she's been conned out of her time and money and is now in a position where she is vulnerable. She quickly takes out her phone and pepper spray to defend herself.

She goes on for about 15 minutes explaining the situation to Facebook and putting this man on full blast. The interaction lasted so long because she still wanted to be paid the $100 for the service she would have provided since she can't give that service or time to anyone else. Well, of course, he stalled, and it turned into a much longer scenario than it needed to be. She never got her money but was safe in the end.

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