We all see all kinds of "As Seen On TV" products that we just think "yeah right, like that actually works." Well, Inside Edition decided to put one of these products to the test and took on "super strong" flex glue! 

The infomercials on TV claim this glue can hold up to 1,000 pounds, dry underwater and can even hold together a dune buggy!

First Inside Edition tried to glue two cinder blocks together like in the ads but it did not work until they tried it again with a little more glue and some patience.

Then, surprisingly, when Inside Edition and some of their significantly smarter engineering friends used 1,000 pounds of weights to test the glue's strength it actually worked!

Lastlly the Inside Edition team used the glue to put together a go-cart and though some parts came loose it still held up fairly well, even after the company said you're supposed to wait 7 days for the glue to dry before accurately using or testing it.

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