It's a moment many athletes trying to make a name for themselves in football probably dream of. The last play of the game, you get the ball and make like Forrest Gump and just keep running all the way to the end zone. Everyone cheers, you did it. 

Marcus Maye almost had that magical moment, that is, until he fell short at the one yard line.

Maye gets the ball an runs for 104 yards in the Jets' most recent game against the Denver Broncos, honestly an amazing feat, but doesn't actually score.

As he approached the goal line, teammate Jamal Adams noticed Maye starting to fall back.

Running out of gas, Maye slowed down and ended up being taken down by Broncos wideout Courtland Sutton.

Adams was not exactly excited about the way the play ended, noting it was something he and Maye work on together in practice.

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