Hour 1

We started the morning by talking about stupid frat guy stunts that go a little bit too far at times. This made us realize that some of the pressure that we put on Joe for stunts is in no way different than dumb frat guy antics and we're surprised that Joe hasn't suffered more serious injuries. Right at the beginning of the second segment this morning, Free Beer started to talk about a news story but abruptly stopped because his tummy was grumbling. He immediately got up, left the studio and went to take a poo. We talked for the next 10-12 minutes about his bowel issues and how he needs to get a physical.

Hour 2

The photos of Team Mustache are now posted in the main header of the website. Zane isn't very pleased with the amount of time they will remain up there. We talked for a while about the latest happenings in Japan in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami last week. They appear to be on the brink of a complete nuclear disaster. This somehow transitioned to talk about Japanese porno and how strange it is that they show everything, but blur out the pubes. We had a meeting yesterday with the guys who produce the gameshow that we put on a few times a year. Five minutes in to the meeting, one of the guys looked up, pointed at Steve and said "who are you?" and proceded to call him a "poor man's Joe". They had met numerous times. We played the latest viral video that is showing up everywhere on the internet lately. It's some girl singing The Friday Song and it may be the worst song you've ever heard. It's posted in the Video Reel. We went over a list of the 10 most counterfeited products in the US. It included everything from clothes to computers to watches to handbags.

Hour 3

We played the video of a girl that said that she prayed for the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. She said that these disasters happened because God was punishing them for their atheist ways. Surprisingly, a listener actually called in to defend her! During the break, we got an update on the video and had to circle back to it in the next segment. We checked out the video of a fat kid that had way too much bullying and decided to finally fight back. It's devastating! You can see that in the Video Reel.

Hour 4

Based on the video of the fat kid fighting back and kicking the bully's ass, we had listeners call in and tell us of their similar situations. It turns out that this has happened to a ton of people! In the FBHW Report, we talked about how Gilbert Gottfried was fired by Aflac over his tweets about the Japan disaster. We got an email from a listener that got in a bit of trouble at work because of our show. He happened to turn up the radio at a time when we were playing an offensive song that, when taken out of context, looked pretty bad. We talked about a crazy screw up by a bank in which a house was in foreclosure and they went in and seized everything. The problem was that they went to the wrong address and took everything, instead of going to the place that was actually in foreclosure!

Hour 5

Based on the story about the foreclosure mixup, we asked listeners to call in and tell us about the huge mistakes that they made at work that cost a ton of money. Zane comes in at least once a week with a huge hickey on the side of his neck. We discussed his most recent one at length this morning and he tried to convince us that they look cool. Most listeners, however, disagreed and believe that hickeys are trashy. Take the web poll now and let us know what you think! We closed the show with a list of the 10 biggest passion killers in a relationship. Talk to you on Wednesday morning!