The Free Beer and Hot Wings guys are on vacation this week, and will be back on Wednesday, July 5th. It's tough on all of us, not having their smiling faces, and insulting comments in the hallways, too. But don't worry, we have something to fill the time.

Relive Segment 16 right here at All the Segment 16 videos for the last year and a half are all here for your amusement.

Hot Wings taking a run at auctioneers, the Super Bowl bet, Steve being an attractive lesbian, Geese being the ISIS of birds, and more!

Sidenote: YouTube doesn't really like the Geese Are the ISIS of Birds video. Not because of the content. Solely because it has "ISIS" in the title. Apparently humans don't look over things after the bots flag something as questionable, so they can have a laugh and clear the flag. You can still watch that video, but YouTube will be suspicious of you afterwards, possibly.

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