When I stub my toe, I feel an unbearable pain that is enough to put me out of commission for what feels like days. However, for this medical student from Brazil, not even a gunshot to the head could stop him from partying.

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21-year-old Mateus Facio was at a party when he thought he got hit by a rock. He didn't hear any gunshots, so he didn't think it was anything more drastic than it was. He described the sensation in his head by what he thought was a rock as


"...a noise of an explosion when a bomb exploded, but inside my head."


This is where the story goes from shocking to mindblowing (no pun intended). Facio proceeded to have his doctor friend patch him up, he took a bath and proceeded to party for the next four days. This partying consisted of ringing in the New Year by swimming in the ocean and a seven-hour 310 kilometers / 193 miles trip back to his hometown. He even posted on Instagram of him on the beach...all while there was a bullet unknowingly lodged in his head.

Facio noticed on the fourth day that his grip strength was struggling, so he went to the hospital and received a CT scan. Everyone was shocked to discover a 9mm bullet in the region responsible for the movement of the right arm, but no one was more shocked than neurosurgeon Flávio Falcometa.


Anesthesiologist in operating room
Anesthesiologist in the operating room / Chris Ryan


The wound that Facio had could have caused "paralysis, leakage of cerebral fluid, meningitis, or even death." Facio had a two-hour surgery and had to stay two nights in the ICU, but is expected to make a full recovery. After this ordeal, no one can say Mateus isn't the life of the party—cheers pal.


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