Kelly Cheese recently took a ski trip to Colorado where she hit the slopes, saw two awesome concerts, and received a life-changing massage. It was at this massage Kelly received a tip for something she and her husband needed to try: hot springs. Because of Colorado's unique location, it is considered a premier location for natural hot springs.

Hot Spring

So naturally, she took her masseuse's advice and she went to check it out. However, the masseuse left out a key detail: clothing was optional in this hot spring. After some contemplation, she and her husband said "Screw it! We're in the middle of the mountains! In Colorado of all places! You only live once and no one knows us here, let's just do it!"


However, to her horror, she was wrong.


Fast forward to 5 am on Thursday, Kelly opens her email and she learns one cold truth: when you're part of the greatest radio show in history, nowhere is safe to be naked. Kelly shared the story live on air, which you can check out below, but if for some reason you don't want to see her look of utter embarrassment while she brilliantly narrates her tale of woe, I will summarize it as well.



While Kelly was hoping there were no listeners at this random hot spring in the middle of Colorado, our Jimbo quickly squashed her hopes by informing her that not only is the FBHW Show THE show in this area, but Kelly was unwittingly sharing a hot spring with a fan and his wife who had also just made the bold choice to go nude for the first time. While Jimbo and co. were scampering to the spring to be exposed for as little time as possible, they were utterly shocked when they saw someone who looked like Kelly's Tarzan looking-husband.



Even more shocking was the realization that they were sharing a hot spring with one of their favorite entertainers. There was just one issue: everyone was naked. Approaching someone you're a fan of is awkward enough, but now you're posed with the conundrum of saying hello while everyone's bits are out. Our Jimbo's polite solution to this was to not say anything but to let her know after the fact in a wonderfully written email.


Email screenshot
The email Kelly received from our Jimbo in Grand Junction, CO.

"So what would I do if I ran into an entertainer or personality that I was a huge fan of, but both of you are naked? Not a damn thing."

So shout out to you Jimbo, for successfully and respectfully informing Kelly that no matter where she is, even in a random hot spring in a random place in Colorado, you never know who is around.


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