Last night was the Free Beer and Hot Wings' first Virtual Live At Night (VLAN) of 2024, and we learned a lot about Jehova's Witness, played some improv games, heard about some medical horror stories, and explored the wonders of real estate. It was something you had to be there to comprehend.


If you weren't at the VLAN this month but want to join next time, you can by becoming a member of the Idiots Club, in the meantime, we're going to take you on a journey through one of the wildest and safest places to live possibly in the entire world. On the surface, this piece of property looks pretty unassuming, however, it is what is below the surface that is mindblowing.

History of the Bunker

Built in the 1960s when a nuclear threat was on the edge of most Americans' minds, this underground bunker was built on 10,000 acres in Missouri for $4.6 million. It features "2.5-foot-thick concrete walls, additional layers of earth, EMP-resistant copper shielding, & 2 massive 3,000-pound blast doors." That's all before you even get inside.

Allison Rank Team / ReeceNichols - Country Club Pl / Zillow
Allison Rank Team / ReeceNichols - Country Club Pl / Zillow


The inside of the bunker is where this mystery shack becomes 10,007 sqft of modernized underground space. The entire place is self-sufficient with "a private water well, a new pump, and a substantial 10,000-gallon stainless steel, filtrated water storage tank." The bunker is equipped with an emergency escape hatch and a towering 177-ft communication tower.


This place has plenty of amenities to keep anyone entertained for their life underground whenever things take a turn for the worse. Explore the bunker below, or feel free to take a virtual tour of the place here.

Inside this 1960, $2 million Underground Bunker in Missouri

Gallery showcasing a Missouri underground bunker built in 1960

Gallery Credit: Tommy McNeill

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