Claw machines are a scam, we all know it. The excitement of playing with the claw machine isn't the prize, it is the bragging rights that come with the winning prize. Paying 5 dollars to win a 75-cent toy is nothing to brag about, but everyone knows how difficult it is actually to win these games.


This little boy in Australia understood this when he took fate into his tiny hands and climbed inside the machine to get a prize. I, for one, do not blame him. He achieved his goal, but he needed a little help getting back out of the machine.


Claw machine
Photo by Dário Gomes on Unsplash

Boy Says "Hello" to Hello Kitty

The toy that spurred this kid's endeavor was a big Hello Kitty plushie nearly the size of him, so it is no wonder he couldn't get back out. Things are not usually meant to come back out of the machine, that's the genius (and malice) of that little flap. 


The boy's dad, Timothy Hopper, said his son frequently plays with the machines, and the boy went inside the machine before his father had time to react. After the hilarity of the moment wore off and the reality that his son was stuck in a claw machine set in, he called the claw machine's manufacturer, who thought the man had money stuck in the machine to which Hopper responded,


'the only thing stuck in the machine is my child, I'd love to have him back'


Since the manufacturer was unable to help, law enforcement was called.



Ultimately, it was decided that it would be easiest to break the machine open, as you can see in the video above. Police instructed the boy to back into the far corner, shattered the glass, and safely removed the boy from the machine.


I think it was all a long play by the boy because upon being extracted from the machine, the officers still gave him a prize. I'm willing to bet 20 plays on a Hello Kitty claw machine that this boy will try this method again soon.


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