Today on Segment 16, the guys talked about a variety of topics including JNCO jeans (their lesser known cousin Lee Stacks), what everyone is wearing to Steve's wedding, and (for some reason) Free Beer's leaky belly wound.

Joe had a bit of a hard time the other day when it was raining like crazy and he ruined his new pair of skinny jeans. This lead to reminiscing about JNCO jeans, and Hot Wings explaining the best use for carpenter pants.

Steve's getting married this weekend and everyone went out and got a new suit - except Free Beer. Joe thinks that he can just wear of his "broadcaster suits", but we wouldn't be surprised if Free Beer goes out today and buys a new one just to fit in.

Of course, he's not really going to want to wear it since he still has that "leaky" belly wound from his hernia surgery the other day...

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