Hard to believe that this is the fifth year of creative sleds made out of cardboard either crashing and burning or making it to the finish line triumphantly at Cannonsburg Ski Area in Belmont.

Whether you crash and burn, it's time to start grabbing the cardboard and tape and making your cardboard bobsled for the 5th Annual Cardboard Bobsled Derby!

Labatt Blue, Cannonsburg Ski Area, and 97.9 WGRD present the fifth annual Cardboard Bobsled Derby on Saturday, Feb. 14.

Grab a friend and start thinking about how you want to make your sled.

Last year, I saw some impressive stuff. One sled was built like Serenity from Firefly, another was even a bar that had blow up dolls strapped to the chairs.

Some of the funniest moments is seeing these things veer off track, crash into a seemingly soft snow wall, and watch that cardboard sled explode into pieces. As long as the rider isn't hurt, it's hilarious.

It only costs $25 for a team of two to participate and you must be 21+ to participate. You will also be fed as well.

Click the link below to get all of the info you need.

We'll see you at the hill!


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