WGRD hit the slopes at Cannonsburg with Modelo and Pacifico, for the 7th Annual GRD Cardboard Bobsled Derby! We had a ton of fun with everyone who came out and built bobsleds. There were smiles all around, as the cardboard (mostly) held together to get the teams down the hill.

There were some fun bobsleds, and lots of returning contenders from previous years, including a team that has won a couple different years for fastest time! They even incorporated their plaque from last year's win into their bobsled, which was pretty cool.

After the judging for costumes and bobsled creativity, it was time for everyone to get their sleds up the hill for the race down. Everyone was having so much fun, they even kept going back up for more runs, just for the fun of it!

Thanks again to everyone who built bobsleds and came out to have fun with us today. Also, thanks to Cannonsburg, Modelo, and Pacifico for helping us with this!

See you next year!

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