The warmer December weather is being enjoyed by many in West Michigan, but ski resorts in the area want the colder temperatures to return.

Cannonsburg has announced that they will be closing their slopes through Christmas because of the warm weather we have been experiencing. The ski resort made its decision earlier this week and stopped all snow production for the time being.

When Cannonsburg first opened for the season they were able to sustain snow on their slopes by making it with their snow machines, but now that the weather is pushing 60 degrees this week, that is no longer possible.

The Cannonsburg website has a current conditions weather report on the front page that shows 0 of 22 trails currently open with a snow base of "we wish".

In an interview with Wood TV 8, marketing director for Cannonsburg Ski Area Danielle Musto said "This is something that all skiing areas face. Being in lower Michigan, we’re used to it. I can tell you internally, we’re full speed ahead. We’re just waiting for those lower temperatures to come so we can fire up the guns."

Other attractions at Cannonsburg will still remain open even though the slopes are closed through Christmas. The Winter Wonderland Glowing Forest is still open and runs every Friday and Saturday evenings for the rest of the season. The Glowing Forest is a trail at Cannonsburg that is decorated with tons of lights and holiday decorations that you can stroll through and listen to Christmas music being played over speakers.

Cannonsburg plans to open the ski slopes back up after Christmas, weather permitting.

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