Skier Attempts Back Flip
Remember when the early days of skiing was simply skiing?
People strapped on skis and went down a mountain. Then, they went back to the top of the mountain and did it all again. Over and over.
Ah, the good 'ol days!
Finding peace: Bode Miller
By Allyson Burger | BSU at the Games
Samuel Bode Miller has won more major races than any other American male alpine skier in history.
The 36-year-old New Hampshire native is heading into what may be his fifth and final Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. While some critics see Miller as past his prime,…
Ski Team Schusses Detroit
When you think Detroit, do you think skiing?
The answer is no.
Well, this gang changed all that. They brought in snow and performed tricks in some abandoned parts of Detroit.
The police even came out to greet them (most likely four hours later) and told them to leave...