Wow! This dude is lucky he wasn't hurt.

Late Sunday night a car slammed through the ski patrol office at Cannonsburg Ski Area in Cannon Township, northeast of Grand Rapids.

According to Fox 17, a security camera caught a driver speeding through the building, going about 60 miles per hour, around 11:30p.m.

Cannonsburg staff says the footage shows the driver walking away from the scene about three hours later, around 3a.m. He appears to be uninjured and apparently he left the car, a Ford Taurus, behind.

A Cannonsburg maintenance worked discovered the demolished building around 6:30 Monday morning. Thankfully, no one had been in the building at the time of the crash.

Danielle Musto, the marketing director for Cannonsburg, tells Wood TV 8,

Obviously, the building is destroyed. We have so much inside. Ski patrol treats customers in the winter for minor injuries and more severe (injuries). Definitely unfortunate.

They say there is structural damage, so the building can't be repaired. Cannonsburg is hoping to be able to rebuild it before the winter ski season starts.

Photo: Fox 17
Photo: Fox 17

As for the driver, Wood TV 8 says the 28-year-old Belmont man was located and "cited" later Monday.

According to WZZM-13, the case remains "under investigation".

This is a developing story. 

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